The .Gif Friday Post No.234 – How To Walk & Victorian Cheesecake


Top .gif is actually three .gifs (1-2-3-2-1), modified and animated from this image. Bottom two lenticulations were created from a couple of Victorian era stereoscopic photos that I lifted from here.

[Update: I found the link to the Victorian bimbo pics at Gimcrack. Sorry for the oversight, nursem.]

Abandoned 3D Graffito

[Found here.]

Mom would have loved this had I painted it in her basement, but only after she kicked my ass upstairs one step at a time.

Thanks for kicking my ass, Mom. We’re gonna miss you.

Saturday Matinee – Pup Puppet, Eleven Roses 3D, The Skatalites, The Mighty Diamonds and The Supersuckers

Guaranteed to make you smile. [Found here.]

Go find your 3D red/blue glasses for this one (or turn off the 3D and watch the 2D version).

Roots reggae with The Mighty Diamonds, live at Channel 1 in Kingston, Jamaica. Nice harmonies.

The Skatalites‘ classic “Simmer Down,” has great audio but a so-so video. So what, I like it.

And we’ll wrap up this babozo with The Supersuckers‘ “Born With A Tail.” (Some NSFK language.)

Have a great weekend, folks, and be back here tomorrow for more fun stuffage.

Rare Frieda Kahlo Stereograph

This is amazing. If you cross your eyes and focus on the middle image you get an awesome 3D effect of one of the hundreds of Frieda Kahlo’s self portraits.

[Found here.]

Heterochromia x 3

They don’t need no stinkin’ glasses to see Avatar in 3D.  I’d advise against taking them though, as they’d likely spend the entire movie leaping through the theater trying to take out the blue tails swinging just inches over your head.

(Okay, I haven’t seen the movie, but there’s gotta be blue tails swinging just inches over your head, right? Otherwise, what’s the point?)

[Found here. Related post here.]

The.Gif Friday Post No. 64: Lenticulations





Want to make your own 3D images and .gif’s?  Directions and cool links here. Another thingy here.  A nice, tasteful and odd collection of .gif animations here.

[Found via The Presurfer.]

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