Happy New Year’s Eve

Tacky Raccoons Be Crawlin' 300

Another year has passed and we’d like to thank those who took precious minutes out of their lives to visit Tacky Raccoons. We don’t know who you are, but we know where you live.2014 Tacky Raccoons MapThat image may or may not impress you, but there are 196 Countries in the world and Tacky Raccoons has been visited by inhabitants of 199 of them. Go figger.

Muchisimas grassyass to those of you who clicked the “like” button and/or who linked to this site – it reminds us that we’re not alone with the Russian bots. As for y’all who took time to leave comments, donkey shane:

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May you all have a Happy and Prosperous New Year. –Bunk

w00t! 11ty!

Sometime earlier today Tacky Raccoons passed 800K views! WooHoo! That’s MMMMMMMM x C in Roman Numerals, which is also indicated as:


1,292 Posts = 3rd Year Blogoversary!

Wow. Didn’t think we’d still be around this long. Mostly, we didn’t think at all, just got up did it, starting on 3 August 2007, and we’ve since passed 671,000 views!

The year certainly had its highlights. We had our busiest day, 18 October 2009, with over 20,500 hits. I was invited to post on both AmyOops and The Blogmocracy. Amy’s site is kind of a cornocopia of oddness, and The Blogmocracy is more about current events where I provide innocuous fodder for the Overnight Open Thread. It’s all a lot of fun.

We opened up The Tacky Raccoons Store for TR paraphernalia. Our new FaceBook page was hacked and deleted, but it’ll be up again soon. Thanks to all who logged in.

This post is a retrospective of our past year, listing the Top 10 greatest hits of Tacky Raccoons from August 2009 to August 2010. Previous years’ greatest hits are here and here.

So here are the Top 10 of the past twelve months, with last year’s rankings separated by an appropriate slash. NR = no rating,  indicating that the post either didn’t make rank or wasn’t posted last year. Click on the images to see the original posts.

Hey Ho! Let’s go!

No 10/NR: Steampunk Rabbit Hunt

No. 9/NR: The .Gif Friday Post No. 129 – Compound Pendulum, Nematode, Cat Slide

No. 8/6: Southern California Fires –  October 2007

No. 7/NR: Bloody Mushrooms With Teeth

No. 6/NR: How to REALLY piss off a golden retriever

No. 5/9: Lesbian Amputee Dwarf Porn
[The title of this one was pure blogwhoring at its best, and it’s still paying off.]

No. 4/1: Lol Ferret Episode 1
[This was the 2nd most popular post since this blog done be borned, with over 30,6oo hits since 8 November 2007.]

No. 3/3: Giant Woolly Bear Caterpillar Discovered Near Las Cruces, NM, Predicts Global Warming for Decades to Come
[Don’t miss the comments on this one.]

No. 2/NR: Amy’s Motivational Poster Collection


No. 1/NR: An Expensive Ignosecond
This post got close to 21,000 hits before we realized that the pictures didn’t show an accident. Those guys knew exactly what they were doing, and they did it with precision.

Thanks gobs to all of you who joined up and stayed with us these past years, keep on clicking on. Let’s hope and pray that the results of this year’s November elections bring us all back to prosperity.  –Bunk

[Tip o’ the tarboosh to this site that produced the top image.]

Tacky Raccoons Greatest Hit

Brando WordPress


On 21 December 2007, the record was set for the amount of traffic in one day, with almost 15K.  That record was broken yesterday with over 20,500 hits.

Thanx to the folks who linked on Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Twitter and Facebook, and thanx also to our regular visitors. Y’all made my day.
Late breaking news: WordPress is having a contest, and this post is our official entry.

[Update:  After reconsideration, we decided to delete the poll. It was pointless, as we’ll never have a “tip jar” on this site.]

[Update: Famous last words.]

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