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Slummin‘, Don and Dewey (1959) Don “Sugarcane” Harris (aka Don Bowman) and Dewey Terry never had any hits of their own but others did with covers of their songs. Sugarcane Harris had particular success playing electric violin as a sideman for Little Richard, Johnny Otis, John Mayall & Frank Zappa, and in the 1980s was a member of the punk/jazz/psychobilly group Tupelo Chain Sex.


Raven or crow?

expecto petronum

Construction horrors.

The Electric Vampire 1910.

Greta taught us everything.

Vacuuming with otters [via].

New Hampshire volcanoes and stonewalling [via].

DALL-E 2: Describe an image and let AI create it [via].

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Another great gift idea – Dolphin Laughs

Buy this for that special someone who doesn’t have a cassette player.

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The .gif Friday Post No. 77 – Showtime





[Folks, because .gif animations often can’t be traced to their original sources, we don’t credit the collection sites where we find them. If anyone can prove the original sources of any .gif animation posted on Tacky Raccoons, we’ll update posts and give credit. –Bunk]

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