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[Miniature & photograph by Frank Kunert. He did this one also.]

The .Gif Friday Post No. 217 – Paranoia

[Center .gif found here. I assembled more of  Daniel Lee’s spooky images from “108 Faces” to make the others, and yeah, it creeps me out, too.]

Weather Forecast For The New Year

[Found here.]
I’m a pessimistic optimist, in that I expect the worst, and if the worst doesn’t come to pass, it’s gravy. This new year has the potential to be just as bad economically as 2011, but I have hope.

Trouble is, hope don’t feed the bulldog, so we’re forced to hunker down until the storm passes. There’s a small patch of blue sky on the economic horizon that suggests the worst may be over. Don’t bet on it clearing until after November when the political pendulum begins its slow return to normalcy, providing plenty of gravy and mixed metaphors for all.

Paranoia Sweater

You can’t ignore me forever.

I’ve hidden your straw.

I’m gonna play “Everything Is Beautiful” over and over and over if you don’t come out.

I can still see your toes.

There’s a spider above you.

I’ve locked the bathroom door.

I’m still sitting here, and I’m watching you.

I’m going to be very quiet now…


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