The .Gif Friday Post No. 456 – Neighborhood Watch, Petroll & Hold My Beer




[2nd & 3rd found here and in here. The 1st is not a timelapse; I created it on a whim, original image here.]

The .Gif Friday Post No.261 – Wrong Socket Hell, Birdfeeder & SpockBrow

Dangit. Wrong Socket Again



[Found here and here. Looped the first and messed with the third.]

My Dog Spot

Last night as I was doing my part to help fill up the local landfill, I spotted this little cute guy, obviously a stray. He was 1-3/4 inches long, and aside from twitching his antennae, wasn’t moving much. Since he was cold, I brought him in to warm up on the kitchen counter.

The missus wasn’t pleased. Bunkarina thought it was cool.

Haven’t seen one of these around in years. It’s a Potato Bug, more commonly known as a Jerusalem Cricket. They don’t prefer potatos, and they’re not native to Jerusalem, they don’t jump and they’re not crickets. They don’t chirp, but they do make mating sounds (listen here) that they “hear” with their feet.

If you spot a Potato Bug, be forewarned… they bite.

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