Saturday Matinee – Horror Cat, Great Beer Run & Gary Clark Jr.

I generally avoid posting cat videos, but this one made me smile. [Found here via here.]

“At a time when the Vietnam War was at its height, one man, John “Chickie” Donohue, snuck back into the war zone to find his 3 closest friends and buy them a beer.”

This guy is probably the only good excuse to get burned up at Coachella. Here’s Gary Clark Jr. cranking some retro blues/rock awesomeness on 16 April 2016.

Have a great weekend folks, see you back here tomorrow for stuff.

Greetings Feral Irish Fans!

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Norwegian Woof

“Ja, kjære. Jeg kommer til å få en pakke sigaretter og et par øl. Jeg vil se deg neste uke. Hvis jeg ikke er tilbake på søndag, spise en røyskatt for kveldsmat.”

[Found here, via here.]

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