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Guitar Boogie Shuffle, The Virtues (1958) Recorded as Guitar Boogie Shuffle in 1953 by both The Esquire Boys and The Super-Sonics, Frank Virtue (aka Frank Virtuoso) was 35 when he recorded this cover of Arthur Smith & His Crackerjacks 1948 hit Guitar Boogie.

My opinion.

Poncho Sales.

Dog likes Pavarotti.

Don’t try this at home.

Now about this QAnon business…

Banjo Boy. (It’s not who you think it is.}

The first “toy” to be advertised on TV.

A bored Viking traced his feet 1100 years ago.

Why is that person running? [h/t Feral Irishman]

What Did Jack Do is 17 minutes of pure David Lynch.

Top image: The missus was about to pitch these cool shades, and my new mask stops BBs at 800fps, so it ought to be able to stop a flying ‘Rona. I’ll test it out at the clinic on Monday.

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I’ve Got A Little Happy Dude

I had a CT scan last week. Just for the heck of it I asked if I could get a copy of the .dcm files and they burned me a DVD that included viewing software. Pure awesome.

I opened the program, fumbled around a bit, and found that I have a little happy dude living right under my chin.

In another file, there were soft-tissue images, and the little happy dude showed up there, too.

The scan turned up nothing significant. That made me VERY happy.

Crispness Is Clumping.

Crispness is clumping, the geezer’s getting flat, and here are some gift ideas for friends and family. Everyone knows someone who needs a coffee mug, a sweatshirt or a totebag with at least one of these classic, trendy and timeless designs by that Bunky guy.

My favorite is the one at top left.

Click on any image to take you to the Cafe Press Store section where there are more products and options to choose from. If you don’t see a product with the image you want, let us know. Sales profits (assuming we get any)  go to charity.

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