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Nice groove: The Gaylads‘ 1967 rocksteady version of The Sounds of Silence.

This source states that wombats poop bricks.

This source explains how and why wombats poop bricks.

This source explains what wombats’ poop bricks are used for.

Nice precision paper work.

Nice precision wood work.

Nice precision tile work.

Art. It’s sometimes a misnomer.

“What do you think of Bernie’s tax plan?” These students like it .

[Top image: Animated .gif of Frederica Wilson’s hats.]

Hat Molds

Hat Molds

I’m guessing they’re wooden, and some appear to be from the 1920s, perhaps earlier.

I don’t know a lot about hats, except that early makers of felt hats used mercury in the process, and the accumulation of that metal in their systems eventually affected their mental stability, resulting in the phrase “Mad as a hatter.”

Originally, cowboy hats and others were functional rather than a fashion statement. Brims were flat, designed to shade the sun and drain the rain, but once movies came about, the sides of the brims were turned up to show the actor’s faces. I suppose the crease in the top kept water from flowing off the sides and toward the back.

The side “dent” is a mystery, unless it was where a man grabbed it just before saying,
“Well, helloooo, ladies.”

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The .Gif Friday Post No.277 – Hats & Chugbo & Hats

HatsBelchMobileHats 2

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The .Gif Friday Post No.230 – Party Cats, Snow Spaz & Hovercat Attack

[Found here and here. H/T to Bunkarina for the hovercats, and to Oddman for Snow White who I messed with.]



Saddened by the loss of his long-time hunting friend Inqui, Suaciq O’Neil mourns in front of a Fuji Kōgaku camera with a 50mm lens using 400+ASA film pushed to 1000, with a manually reduced f-stop that he mentally calculated as being in the realm of either 20/3×0.5, 21/3×0.5, 22/3×0.5, 23/3×0.5, or 24/3×0.5, and with an octopod for stability in the frozen arctic wind.

Watch out where the huskies go,” he warned.

[Image found here. Related posts here.]

Saturday Matinee: Ukeleles, Hair & Drums

Jake Shimabukuro makes his Uke Weep. Amazing.

Kaje. Nice hat. Nice Uke.

Nice animation.  Nice Uke.

Nice hair, no Ukes, but wait ’til you see their cantalopes. (Found it on this guy‘s website. The B-52’s are always cool.)

Not sure where these folks are from, but I’d love to hear ’em play this:

Todd Rundgren’s ska more than makes up for last week’s lack of Saturday Matinee offerings.  (Here’s Bad Manners’ take on “Bang the Drum All Day.” Unfortunately, no video, but Linerider rocks out here.)

[Image of headbangers via email from Grampa Strutts. More Ukelele here.]

How to Make Hats: 1776


Seems pretty easy to me. All the tools you need are illustrated, including a flat iron, a nipple gauge made from a sassafras twig, a hand grenade, a broken rubber band, some shelves with hats on them, a cat brush, a kybo seat, and a toaster. The other items are optional. Another gift-giving problem solved, courtesy of your friends here at TR.

Of course, if you decide to become a “chapelier” you’ll need a certificate from an approved training center, a qualification test to get licensed, a business license, a conditional use permit for your business location, approval by the EPA, workers compensation and liability insurance, and then the union thugs will prolly shut you down before you produce your first “chapelle” unless you sign up.

I’m goin’ for it. You in?

[Image via Hanuman.]