These over-used inane Facebook / Twitter .gif responses deserve to be vaporized forever.

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And any commenter lacking even a smidgen of creativity who posts the same gets a minimum 7 day time out in #FacebookJail and/or #TwitterGulag.

Yeah, I have an attitude, but I’ll be better tomorrow – until I see another earwax-eater respond with one of those.

*Poof* You’re a hoagy.

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Hard to tell who she’s addressing with that sign while waddling in a parade of fugliness. I guess one of the other javelinas demanded a snack and Ms. Cerdita Hambrienta was having none of it, perhaps because the L.A. “We Have Vajayjays And You Don’t” protest march had yet to make it to the trough.

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“Congratulations! You Are A Piece of ____ !”


You’ve seen them.  They began on the C and D Blogs, and they’re all over the B Blogs now. Dopey questionnaires that ask you to answer five or six odd questions, none of which can be answered wrong. Then you submit your answers, and the magic internest blogsite genii tells you what kind of breakfast cereal you are, or some such drivel.

Don’t know what I’m railing about? Here are a few examples:

What kind of afro-desiac are you?

What kind of paper clip do you most resemble?

If you were a freakin’ cupcake, would you be less of a dork?

What kind of imaginary powers that would raise you up from your own miserable pathetic little life that you would wish for, assuming you have a life to begin with?

The results of these inane surveys are then posted on the authors’ websites with a proclamation such as “I am a furry little wombat/budgie hybrid who enjoys hot cocoa.”  Barf.

So, then, I have a proposal for y’all.  Whenever and wherever you find a blog that asks you to take a dopey “What Kind Of ___ Am I”  type quiz, don’t bother clicking on the link.  Just answer “I’m Asparagus.” No further explanation is necessary.

Let’s get rid of this obnoxious trend so we can get on with REALLY inane blogging, like cat snoring videos:

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