Home Wrecker (Not Napa California)

Home Wrecker

That’s an AP photo of destruction caused by the 23 February 2011 earthquake, Christchurch New Zealand.

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[Update: Corrected date of Christchurch earthquake.]

Saturday Matinee – Serious Beer Taps, JesiErin, Santana & Benson,

Pure brilliance. Watch the vid first, because there’s more info about it below. Cheers!

JesiErin is a one-girl a capella doo-wop group from Huntington Beach, California, and the dubbing, both audio and video are top notch. Here’s her take on The Cascades1962 hit.

George Benson & Carlos Santana on “The Midnight Special” in 1976 playing Benson’s “Breezin’.”

The beer-plumbing prank video was filmed in NZ and sponsored by Tui Beer as stealth advertising, yet it was a genuine prank by a bunch of friends of the “victim.” Some folks on Reddit busted it as an advert (the comments are funny) and it’s still an awesome prank.

Word on the street is that Aussies and Kiwis don’t bother with Foster’s (it’s for tourists and export) but there are unwritten rules about which beer you order, and it varies by region. They have beer allegiances (like rabid sports fans do with teams in the US) so if you order the wrong one in the wrong place, you may be headed for trouble. A credible source told me that if you go to Oz, order Toohey’s and you may avoid a situation like this.

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

25 April – ANZAC DAY

Here’s to all the diggers.

Using letters, diaries and photographs, The Sunday Age recounts events through the eyes of the diggers who battled on amid despair and death. Jonathan King reports.


The great challenge for the Anzacs on April 25 was to land at Anzac Cove against formidable opposition from the Turks and then dig in. We are now within a mile of the shore and the din has increased… the whole side of the mountains seems to be sending forth tongues of flame and the bullets fairly rain upon us… the water is churned up from rifle fire, machine-guns, Maxims, shrapnel and common shells… seven of the boys in our boat are killed and God knows how many in the others.

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Show Us Your War Face

[Image and quote from here.]

That’s Maori Priest Irrarangi Tiakiawa, keeper of secret Maori martial arts techniques, including death strokes:

“I think this (death point striking) art should die. It is too evil for today’s society. I once witnessed my grandfather having an argument with another man and the other man was in the wrong, so my grandfather just got up and struck him with one finger to one point and the man died… “

The interview is interesting, and includes what to do if confronted by a Maori showing his war face:

1. Stand still. If you run you’re gonna get hurt.
2. The warrior will likely throw something down in front of you. If you don’t pick it up and hand it back to him you’re gonna get hurt.
3. Don’t fight. If you do you’re gonna get killed.

Fortunately, you’re unlikely to encounter a Maori warrior unless you’re in New Zealand, but now you know how to react without bleeding– much.

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