Saturday Matinee – Yotuel, Gente de Zona y Descemer Bueno; Santana, Golden Earring & The Skids

Cuba Libre.

When the people of Cuba took to the streets by the thousands in protest over the past weekend, the mainstream media in our county fired up the spin machine. It’s about COVID and shortages, they said.

They were all lying.

This video is credited with helping inspire the uprising. It says everything about the human desire to be free and Cuba’s desire to throw off the shackles of communist tyranny. If you don’t speak Spanish, make sure to watch it with the captions on.

Carlos Santana & Everlast from the 1999 Santana album Supernatural, one of my few impulse purchases. Good stuff.
(Sí, sé que Carlos no es cubano, pero aun así…)

Golden Earring was active from 1961 to 2021, and were the best known and internationally most successful rock band to come out of the Netherlands. [h/t Feral Irishman]

The Skids. The vocals are notoriously unintelligible so the song works for just about anything.

Lotta heavy stuff coming down the road, so stay alert and be safe while I go get a haircut. See you tomorrow.

Saturday Matinee – The Archers of Loaf, The Axis of Awesome, Zappa & Santana

Archers of Loaf. Great 3-chord rock. According to Wiki, they disbanded, reformed, broke up and now reorganized before disappearing completely.

In 2009, The Axis of Awesome discovered the secret 4-chord progression required to make a hit record.

Zappa’s “Variations on the Carlos Santana Secret Chord Progression” is a classic. Unfortunately the video is not an actual performance, but a compilation of images pasted over the music. So what. I still like it. We’ll let Carlos Santana have the last word.

Woodstock put Carlos Santana on the map in 1969. Great jam.

Have a great weekend, folks. See you back here tomorrow and we’ll mess around with stuff.

Saturday Matinee – Serious Beer Taps, JesiErin, Santana & Benson,

Pure brilliance. Watch the vid first, because there’s more info about it below. Cheers!

JesiErin is a one-girl a capella doo-wop group from Huntington Beach, California, and the dubbing, both audio and video are top notch. Here’s her take on The Cascades1962 hit.

George Benson & Carlos Santana on “The Midnight Special” in 1976 playing Benson’s “Breezin’.”

The beer-plumbing prank video was filmed in NZ and sponsored by Tui Beer as stealth advertising, yet it was a genuine prank by a bunch of friends of the “victim.” Some folks on Reddit busted it as an advert (the comments are funny) and it’s still an awesome prank.

Word on the street is that Aussies and Kiwis don’t bother with Foster’s (it’s for tourists and export) but there are unwritten rules about which beer you order, and it varies by region. They have beer allegiances (like rabid sports fans do with teams in the US) so if you order the wrong one in the wrong place, you may be headed for trouble. A credible source told me that if you go to Oz, order Toohey’s and you may avoid a situation like this.

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Saturday Matinee – Jerks, Avalanche, Malo, Santana & The Five Satins

Pointless vandalism. Jerks.

On a lighter note, there’s this. The Avalanche’s “Since I Left You.” I like it, not so much for the music, but the vid has a nice storyline with a clever twist at the end (h/t ryannon). The song reminded me of this grooviness:

Malo‘s 1972 hit “Suavecito.” Malo was a San Fransisco band led by Jorge Santana, Carlos’ brother. Rather than pick another sappy hit from that year (like Chuck Berry’s “My Ding-a-Ling“) let’s try this:

Carlos Santana‘s “Nowhere to Run” from a 1982 concert promoted by Apple founder Steve Wozniak. Now let’s jump forward another ten years to 1992.

Or not. In 1992, Boyz II Men had a hit with a cover of “In The Still of the Night,” but I just can’t bring myself to post it, so let’s go with The Five Satins‘ original, lip synched, from 1956.

And with that we’re outta here. Have a great weekend, folks, and be back here tomorrow for more fun.

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