Forever in the rough.

Melancholie, Albert György

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La Historia del Juego de Golf



The origin of this sport is from India where it was played with hollow balls that were thrown by some players at others by means of wooden clubs. This game was adopted in England, which introduced many modifications, and has been played since the end of the 19th century in almost the entire world.The French claim that it originates from a similar game that was played in France in the fourteenth century, with the Italians, Dutch and us Spaniards also claiming its paternity.


Against Pain, Shock and Congestion
Modern solid embrocation. Does not take up space. Not stain. Decongests without irritating. No bad smell, it is not fragile and it is applied as it is presented.
Large tube, 4.45 ptas. Small tube, 3 ptas.

Cha toil leis na h-Albannaich an dreach sin de dh’eachdraidh.

[1920s Spanish trading card found in here.]

The .Gif Friday Post No. 697 – IN-N-OUT, 3X FAIL & Golf on a 386

[1st from a vid from somewhere on Twitter;
2nd and 3rd found here and here.]

The .Gif Friday Post No. 631 – Indoor Half-Pipe, Home School Tee Time & Lil’ Flipper

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The Friday .Gif Post No. 584 – Panda Trap, Fountain Of The Dogs & A Greens Spike Fail

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The .Gif Friday Post No.570 – My Favorite Slippers

.Gif animations found at the following links:

9 Seconds of slipping

Driveway Slider

Cat Snow PWN

Ice Golf

Stair Slip

Ice Turntable WIN

The .Gif Friday Post No. 548 – Black Bloops, Water Hazard, Kibuki Magician

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Babe Magnet: WWJD

That’s right.  What Would Jesus Drive?

According to one source, on 25 September 1990, Kelly Murray drove his ball 684.8 yards on the 30-foot wide airstrip at Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, setting a new world record.

Of course, Jesus could drive as far as He wanted, but would hold back a bit so as not to completely eradicate the game.  He plays fair, and it’s not in His temperament to call His Father on the celestial cellphone and say, “Hey Pop! I got a 7:45AM tee-off time.  You mind warping space and time for a microsecond?”

On the other hand, He might just skitter one longways across a water hazard, up the bank, around a sand trap and into the hole instead, only to show that it can be done (and to inspire others to keep perfecting their game instead of yelling “F**K!” after each shot).

So what would He drive?  I’m guessing 150-175 yards with no wind… but He’d clean up with His putts.

[Image from here.]

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