The Fuzzy Wonder Goat… & More!

The DeMoulin Bros. Co. supplied hazing equipment for fraternal organization initiations in the early 1900s. Some of the gaffes were truly bizarre.

Apparently the company is out of the fraternity prank business and has moved onto other products: scary marching band uniforms.

[Top image from here; tiled images from .pdf found here; more info here.]

Bonus: Here’s a restored “Fuzzy Wonder” (and a “Spanker”).

The Cheek Bra & Other Amazing Japanese Beauty Products

I hope to never see a Cheek Bra again.
I hope to never see a Cheek Bra again.

I like the forehead button that turns her on and off but the missus won’t let me order it for some reason.

[Link to here found here. Click on any image to see it in its full-sized glory. We kept the original titles on the images just in case you want to order them in bulk. Related post here.]

Where Childhood Nightmares Come From

Scary Playgrounds 8

Click for larger images. Sweet dreams, children…

[Found here, where there are more – some NSFK.]

Great Educational Gift Idea: My Cleaning Trolley

My Cleaning Trolley_Woosk 091008

Be a Night Janitor just like Mommy! (Note that  it says, “Girls Only.”)

Not to worry, though, as there is a related educational toy just for the future Junior Maintenance Manager in your family, called “My Mop, My Bucket and My Squeegee.”

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