Saturday Matinee – The Platypus Conspiracy, Messer Chups, Tito & Tarantula and Rory Gallagher

The Platypus [h/t Gord S.]

From St. Petersburg, Russia,  Messer Chups is listed under vampire space zombie surf rock, and their version of the Bondage theme is the best I’ve heard. Recorded at Brin de Zinc (Chambery-France) 2014
Oleg Gitaracula – guitar;  Zombierella – Bass; Rockin Eugene – Drums.

Ten minutes of a bluesy Doors-ish groove. Tito and Tarantula were filmed for an episode of Texas Roadhouse Live (hosted by Kinky Friedman) in 2010. Tito Larriva played Radio Head in the movie TRUE Stories (1986) and was a founding member of The Plugz.

Rory Gallagher slides all over the place at the Montreux Jazz Festival, July 1977. Five years earlier he was crowned International Guitarist of the Year. He died in 1995 at the age of 47, from liver failure caused by prescription drugs; his grave marker is a replica of the award.

That’ll do for now. Have a great weekend, see you back here sometime tomorrow.

Saturday Matinee – Bimpson, Rory Gallagher, Dave Alvin & The Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Bimpson (via). “Some guy taught himself 3D animation during quarantine and the result is this hilariously bizarre blog cartoon called Bimpson.” The comments on the UToobage are pretty good, too.

I just watched this at 2x speed and it’s like a whole new world of Bimpson. Bimpson goes Hyper-Bimpson. Highly recommend.

Well I played it back at 0.25x speed and it’s like a demonic Bimpson. Bimpson goes sacrificial. Whatever you do, don’t watch it repeatedly unless you want Bimpson to put a curse on your crops. It happened to me.

I went .75 and it’s was satanic enough. Every time you lower the speed, it’s like a new circle of hell.

Rory Gallagher “Shin Kicker” live at Montreux 1979.

Nice lineup: Dave Alvin sings 4th of July, with David Hidalgo, Flaco Jimenez, Pete Sears, Max Baca and Los Cenzontles, San Francisco, CA. February 16, 2017.

Happy Independence Day to all, and may this Glorious Country remain free from tyranny forever.

Saturday Matinee – Sam Chatmon, Rory Gallagher & Night Music

Sam Chatmon (1897 – 1983) was a classic Mississippi Delta bluesman with a great voice and pure country pickin’.

Roots blues rocker Rory Gallagher jams William Harris’s 1928 song “Bullfrog Blues” in 1980.

From 1989’s “Night Music,” (produced by Lorne Michaels of SNL fame) this line up is pretty awesome. It’s a long vid, but I think I got the numbers right if you want to skip the intros.
Was (Not Was) – 04:22, 21:16
Sonny Rollins – 08:30, 30:16
Leonard Cohen – 13:45, 34:30
Ken Nordine – 26:07.

That should hold you for a while. Be back here tomorrow for more amazing and astounding inanity.

Saturday Matinee – Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, Steve Karla & Rory Gallagher

The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys. Start early, play late. [via]

Steve Karla’s “Black Swamp Blues” is original and awesome, and he’s a multi-talented bastard, too.

Rory Gallagher cranks some nice fat blues to lead us into another great weekend. See y’all back here tomorrow.

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