Doug the Potato


New Zealand couple Colin and Donna Craig-Brown discovered a huge potato they named Doug on their farm in Hamilton. But they had no idea the monster root was there, as it was found in a cucumber patch. Donna said, “We couldn’t believe it. It was just huge, but with an ugly look.”

The official weigh-in at a local farm shop showed a weight of 7.8 kg (17 lb 2 oz). The Guinness World Record currently holds the heaviest potato in 2011, Spudzilla from Northampton, which weighed 4.9 kg (10 lb 8 oz).

The couple say they have applied to the Guinness Book of World Records for Doug to be recognized and are waiting for a response. In the weeks since they were discovered on August 30 [2021], the potatoes have become something of a celebrity. Colin even built a small cart to carry the tuber with him.

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Stuff I Do When I’m Bored

Stupid stuff I didn’t want to throw away just yet.

The .Gif Friday Post No. 518 – Kitchen Ninja, Bubblehead & A Potato

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A Hot Tomato with a Hot Potato

Mr. Potato Bimbo

Psst. Mr. Creepo-Potato has his eyes on you…

Mr. Potato

Photo of the second before he pounced. [Found here.]

“Wot’s ‘Taters’?”

The Missus pulled up a weed last week. At least she thought it was a weed, but forgot we’d planted some taters in the garden, and now we have a home-grown po-tay-toh. The picture doesn’t do it justice – believe me, it’s awesome, almost as awesome as this vid from 1991:

[Vid previously posted – so what. 🙂 ]

Kitchen Knife Potato 7

This image is from a book on radio sound effects. It demonstrates how to easily replicate the sound of a kitchen knife slicing into a potato.

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