Saturday Matinee – Richie Kavanaugh, Indiara Sfair and Guilherme Tosin, Justin Johnson & G.E. Smith

“Like Aon Focal Eile, I had no idea how big that would be. I was afraid I’d get a slagging from the Irish speaking people but the boss man in Glór na Gael wrote me a very nice letter thanking me for having a song with a full Irish title in the charts.” Richie Kavanaugh

Brazil native Indiara Sfair & Guilherme Tosin cover Robert Johnson’s Walking Blues. Sfair is/was a member of Brazilian blues band “Milk’n’Blues.”

Justin Johnson‘s axe is a shovel, and he sells ’em, too.
Utoob comment: “Just imagine what he could do with a backhoe.”

G.E. Smith gets all swampy and stuff with a tribute to late bassman Tom “T Bone” Wolk. Both backed Hall & Oates and were the core of the SNL Band (1985-1995).

Have a great weekend, folks, see you back here tomorrow.

The .Gif Friday Post No. 613 – Snow Pwnage: A Collection

[1st .gif found here. Others were previously posted here, here, here and here. No. 4 is my all-time favorite; No. 5 is a close second.]

The Friday .Gif Post No.152 – Shovel Shower, Sit-ups & Headbanger Pizza

[Found here, here and here.]

Easy Home Cooking


This works, as long as the shovels weren’t first used for latrine duty.

Reminds me of hubcap grilles, clothes hanger toast, fish poached in a dishwasher, grilled cheese sandwiches ala steam iron, foil-wrapped stew on the exhaust manifold, BeanieWeenies-in-the-can on a hot plate, electric dryer bacon. (Okay, I made up the last one.)

I’ll have our crack team of webminers find links for the above concoctions asap (unless any of you wanna beat me to it in the comments section).

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