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Saturday Matinee – Lindy Hop Showdown, The Wrecking Crew, Tommy Tedesco & The Memphis Group

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Pure awesome. Girl in the stripes gets my vote [via].

The Wrecking Crew” recorded some killer stuff, and you’ve likely never heard of them because they weren’t named  “The Wrecking Crew” until 1990. Their peak years were 1962-73 when they worked with Phil Spector. They weren’t a solid unit as the musicians came and went, but the music WAS solid, no matter who was sitting in at the time.

Tommy Tedesco, one of the greatest session musicians ever, was a member of the post-defacto-named Wrecking Crew. Tedesco was one of those rare people who, if told something was a musical instrument, could play it flawlessly.

Now about “The Memphis Group.” Steve Cropper, Duck Dunn, Al Jackson & Booker Jones provided the backup for some amazing recording artists, but you already knew that.

Have a great weekend, folks and we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

10 Popular Love Songs Inspired By Stephen King Horror Novels

Monday, 25 September 2017

Or not.

“Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator Butcher Billy got the idea of turning famous love hits into book covers of horror master Stephen King.”

[Found here via here.]

Saturday Matinee – Foli Rhythm, Mickey Hart, Booker T & The MGs, John Lee Hooker & Floyd Dixon

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Pure rhythm, and it’s worth watching to the end. [Found here.]

Mickey Hart‘s Planet Drum is awesome, no matter how many drugs he took while he was with The Grateful Dead.

Booker T & The MGs were the best session band in the business.

John Lee Hooker. If you don’t know who he was, you’re already lost.

Floyd Dixon. Same as above.

Have a great weekend, folks, and be back here tomorrow for more fun.

Saturday Matinee – Billy Joel, The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, King Curtis, Booker T & The MGs

Saturday, 18 December 2010

All of Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits. Just like they were meant to be.

The Temptations’ 1970 hit “Ball of Confusion” has one of the best lines ever: “Vote For Me and I’ll Set You Free.” [via SADM].

According to Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles, the top artists of 1970 were Neil Diamond and Aretha Franklin. Let’s go with some Aretha:

Aretha Franklin is an American classic. Here she is backed up by King Curtis.

Here’s King Curtis & The Kingpins. The description attached to this vid from the Utoobage: “The only band that could make Booker T & The MG’s sweat.”

Proof that Booker T & the MGs didn’t sweat. With that, have a great weekend, folks. See you back here tomorrow.

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