Saturday Matinee – Fishbone, Ry Cooder & Justin Johnson

Fishbone was, and is, one of the tightest high-speed ska bands I ever heard. [The above is dedicated to Professor Christine Ford, whose evil testimony under oath has been proven to be fabricated in order to impune the character of an innocent man.]

One of the best slide guitar players in the business. Ry Cooder‘s 1988 swamp rock take on Elvis‘ “All Shook Up” was awesome.

Killer stuff from Justin Johnson. Turn it up. It’s the musical equivalent to stress on the 405 through L.A. at rush hour and I love it.

Have a great weekend, folks, see you back here after I tear up my kitchen tomorrow.

Saturday Matinee – Live From NorWay, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Fishbone & The Allman Brothers Band

LIVE CAM: Train Engineer’s Cab View in Norway [click here for local time]. Not sure which line this is, where it’s headed, or if it’s running above the Arctic Circle. Check it out in full screen view and I’ll see you back here in a couple of days.

Someday, I suppose I’ll go to Norwegia and ride that train. Meanwhile, I’ll listen to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones from 1993.

Or maybe I’ll roll with Fishbone, one of the tightest ska/rock/funk bands I ever heard. Those guys won me over a long time ago. (Check out this 1987 live version. Sound quality sucks, but the energy is killer.)

Let’s turn it down a bit with a cover of Bob Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower.” The Allman Brothers Band in 2011 always found a nice groove (presumed band lineup here).

Have a great Easter/Passover/Seder weekend, folks. See you soon.


Saturday Matinee – Heavy Slabs in Tasmania, Puddles Painting Party, Manualist Extraordinaire & Fishbone

August 2016 – “Tasmania’s most famous wave comes to life to launch the Australian winter with a roar. When the southern hemisphere starts to rumble and shake under the weight of wild winter weather, The Stern, out there on the south-eastern tip of Tasmania, bears the full brunt of the conditions.”

[Found here.]

Found here. Yeah, it’s cool for the first minute or so, but hey. I’d rather watch this guy’s stuff.

Dude is awesome.

One of my all time ska favorites. Fishbone kicks it in 2013.

Have a great weekend, folks, and we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Saturday Matinee – Tank Girl, Classic Hammond B3 Organ Solos, Tom Waits, Fishbone & Neil Young

Since I embarrassed myself by admitting that I was clueless about “Tank Girl,” maybe this will make up for it. Here’s the movie trailer, featuring Lori Petty and Malcom McDowell.

Tribute to the Hammond B3 Organism Part 1. (Parts 2 & 3 here and here.)

That’s Tom Waits‘ “Jockey Full Of Bourbon”  from 1986. I’ve posted “Downtown Train” before and I’m not ashamed to repost it either.

Best comment on the Utoobage for that vid:
“This somehow makes Rod Stewart suck even more.”

Fishbone‘s “Cholly.” Years ago I mentioned to Birdman that I’d like to attend a Fishbone show. He responded, “No you don’t.” Birdman is savvy.

Neil Young in Japan, 2001. Country Dick Montana took that song and did it better, IMO.

Five videos makes the nut, and with that, we’re out. Have a great weekend, folks, and we’ll be back here tomorrow for more fun.

Saturday Matinee: Ska x 4 + Willie Dixon

Awesome original by Prince Buster, later covered by Annette Funicello with Fishbone (!) and worth reposting:

SkaBoom‘s “Love and Affection.”

Filmed at 86 street, a former night club located on the Vancouver Expo Grounds, and at the UBC War Memorial Auditorium.

And then there was Oingo Boingo‘s cover of one of Willie Dixon‘s classics, “Violent Love.” Unfortunately, Dixon’s original isn’t available on the Utoobage, so we’ll default to this classic:

“Crazy ’bout My Baby” from 1966, Dixon on bass and vocals, and with that, we’re out. Have a great weekend, folks, and we’ll see ya’ll back here tomorrow.

Saturday Matinee – Kooza, Fishbone, Vai, Maceo & Satchmo

Cirque du Soleil is always awesome. Gotta wait for the cool stuff in this vid. [Found at a blog whose name has a lot of t’s and w’s in it.]

Fishbone is/was just nuts. I love ’em.

Steve Vai’s “Love of God” is another awesome rock classic.

Maceo Parker’s “Cold Sweat” is a great groovejam with a great funk lineup.

Louis Armstrong is one of a handful of people that I would have liked to have met. ¡Adiós mis muchachos!

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